St Mawes // Castle Adventure

Today was a bit of an adventureous day. We traveled along the South Coast of Cornwall to a seaside fishing village called St Mawes, by far one of my favourite places in the whole of the United Kingdom.

In the summer you can find St. Mawes bustling, people out sailing, kayaking and demonstrating all kinds of waterspots, people walking up to the castle and along the penninsula, and lots of people finding the beach just around from the village. This was not so much the case today as the weather was not on top form and the village was a little quieter.

It rained nearly the whole time we were in St Mawes and was incredibly windy, so much so that I lost my footing a few times whilst exploring the castle, but it defintely encapsulated the genuine feel of this ancient sea fortress. We started at the castle and wildly ran through the arched hallways, down winding stairwells and along the tops of the towers, looking out between the turrets at the sea.

We walked along the battlement and looked out between the merlons to stunning views. Despite being a bit misty and hard to view, I thought this landscape was incredible. Running through the castle at this time of year, due to its emptiness and windiness really felt as if you were there in the 1540's!

Kicking off the new year with being out and about was defintely refreshing. Not only did it refresh physically (it really was rather cold and windy), it started the year off with a really adventureous and outgoing tone. Something I'm hoping will continue throughout 2016.

If you're ever in Cornwall, I really recommend visiting this seaside village. After exploring the castle we went down to the village where we had lunch at The Rising Sun pub. The Idle Rocks is another amazing place to grab a bite to eat, it's full of childhood memories for me but unfortunately they don't allow dogs, unlike The Rising Sun and we had Arthur with us. After some generous portions of delicious food, we went and had ice cream (I know, crazy with this kind of weather), at the ice cream store near by. Despite being freezing, it was still a treat.

"where is it coldest?" - Dad