San Francisco // Travel

During August I hopped on a plane and travelled some distance to visit Christian living and working in San Francisco. I stayed for the two weeks at the end of his internship and had a lot of fun exploring and seeing the sights. The video above is one of our many adventures we had and below is a recap of some of my favourite things we got up to. I hope you enjoy xx

Museum of Modern Arts

We visited MoMA on my first day in the city. It's the perfect thing to do the day after a long flight. You feel productive and like you're getting out and seeing the culture, which you definitely experience walking through the main streets of San Fransisco and around the MoMA, but it's not overly exhausting or too cultural for your mind on your first day. The art is incredible and the modern twist makes the exhibitions very engaging. Below are some of my favourite shots from our visit.

Coit Tower Visit

During our second weekend, we decided to go on an adventure that involved a lot of walking and a lot of stairs. The Coit Tower is a must see of San Fransisco in my opinion. It's not so much that the tower itself is impressive, but the view you get from the top is absolutely breathtaking. Although it's definitely a full day adventure and rather tiring if you walk from where we started (Financial District and Main Street area), the culture you get to see while walking through the streets of San Fransisco is definitely worth every step. Needless to say, we were very happy when we got to the top, as you can see from our faces below.

The Golden Gate Bridge

After walking an even longer time and on another beautiful day, we managed to see the iconic and classic Golden Gate Bridge. We were absolutely determined to walk and even though that ended in a lot of grumpiness and complaining, neither of us have any regrets. The walk was beautiful and the bridge itself was pretty amazing.

If you're ever visiting San Fransisco, I would definitely recommend these three destinations. We also visited Pier 39, Fisherman's Warf, took a Cable Car ride to Lombard Street, saw the Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Gardens, so I'm hoping there will be another blog post reviewing some of these incredible places too.

Until then xx