24 Hours in Paris // Travel

At the start of December, Christian and I decided to have a one-day weekend getaway to Paris as he was going back to New Zealand for Christmas and I am going down to Cornwall to spend time with my family. We woke up at 5am in the morning on Saturday and caught the train to Gatwick. Despite our tired looking faces, we were so excited for our short trip. We could only afford 24 hours because I had to be back at university for lectures but as I haven't been to Paris for a long time and Christian has never been, we were so happy to have just a short visit. We arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport somewhere between 9am and 10am and caught the train from the airport into the city.

We were a bit disorganised but I wouldn't have done it any other way now I look back. We got off the train around the Notre Dame (that was sort of a guess), and walked along the river, looking at all the little stalls and shops as we went. It was so picturesque!

We spent the whole day walking through the streets of Paris, mainly along the river, talking and exploring enjoying the beauty of Paris and the glory of the weather that day! Not a single cloud was in the sky! Our end goal was the Eiffel Tower of course. How can you visit Paris and not see it, and as it was Christian's first time, it was a must! But along the way we stopped at the Louvre.

It's such an impressive and interesting piece of architecture and actually the whole area surrounding the Louvre is absolutely beautiful. If we had more time we would have definitely liked to explore this area more.

Shortly after leaving the Louvre and continuing our journey, the Eiffel tower was in sight! Although magnificent, just walking by all the statues and architecture alone had us all wide-eyed. We loved all the little alleyways and Parisian streets. We certainly got distracted one too many times, with me saying "wait, can we just go down here! It looks so pretty, I just want to take one more photo!" but I'm so glad we did because the views were just idyllic.

Finally, we made it to the Eiffel tower and it was pretty incredible. There was a lot of construction and fencing around the area which made getting a good photo difficult at times but definitely 100% worth the trip! For any first time visitors, I definitely recommend seeing more of Paris than just the Eiffel tower though and I definitely recommend walking through the city! Even if you get a little tired, you'll never get tired of the views and the atmosphere.

After the Eiffel tower we went to our lovely little AirBnB, which was a little one-bedroom flat, 5 minutes from the Eiffel tower around some Parisian markets and restaurants. Of course, we had baguettes and yummy cheeses for supper. It was such a memorable trip and I hope this helps anyone who's visiting Paris for the first time. Last piece of advice; if you're visiting this time of the year, dress warmly!!