Autumn Winter 2017 Trends

During the beginning of AW16 we have seen some pretty huge trends being established. Some left over from summer, adapted for the colder weather, some throwbacks to previous decades and some newer additions.

The Shearling Coat

Nada Adelle // What Olivia Did // Annette Haga

This is one of my favourites. It's extremely versatile, you can dress it up with a slip dress underneath or dress it down with some jeans and a jumper. What's more is that it's really practical! There's also an edginess you can achieve with it if you go for a black leather jacket with shearling lining whereas a soft brown suede gives you a softer look. There are also a heap on the market on the moment and these babes are styling a few of my favourites!

Velvet Velvet Velvet

Vasilieva // Darja Barannik // Z Hours

This trend is absolutely to die for and you find it everywhere in every form. These three are my favourite simply because they're not your average velvet slip dress or cami (which are still gorgeous and I'm definitely guilty of lusting over). The green velvet pant suit is super chic with the low cut style of the blazer. Vasilieva (go check her out - she's amazing) has styled this absolutely flawlessly by letting it steal the show and not over complicating with accessories. The burgandy flare trousers speak for themselves. A complete statement in any outfit and downright fab! The velvet pink heeled boots might just be my favourite though. They're so understated in the soft rose pink shade and have so much depth thanks to the velvet texture. Only thing is, I'd be terrified of wearing them! Stunning none the less.

Layered Slip

Lisa Olsson // Lissy Roddy // Lissy Roddy

The layered slip. I think this trend is super sexy and has transitioned seamlessly straight from the summer when we saw slip dresses on everyone. The silk and satin slip dress layered over a simple t-shirt, turtle neck jumper or thick knit is flawless and adds a little bit of sexiness to any casual outfit. These outfits are paired with sneakers and heeled boots but for a little extra you could pair this outfit with some knee high boots, just to throw in another hot trend.

Fur Jackets

The Haute Pursuit // Marie von Behren // I Dress Myself

The last but not the least, the fur or faux jacket has been leaping off the rails this season. Not just for its practicality in the cooler months but also for the diversity in styles and colours which give a unique twist to every outfit. They're forgiving, warm and super stylish and a must have for anyone following the trends this A/W season!

Let me know if you want to see more posts on current trends xx