Whitsunday Engagement

Before our annual trip to New Zealand for a summer Christmas with the family, Christian and I went on a week long adventure in Australia. This trip started with one day in Brisbane at Movie World and then onto 5 days on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.

Movie world was a bit of a random one, it was last minute and although we were warned of its run-down state and the fact it would be over-crowded with the school holidays, it was actually pretty fun. This may have been down to our low expectations and our jetlag but regardless, it was a great way to spend a day near Brisbane and a great way to get over jetlag. We were staying pretty close to the center of Brisbane and not far from the airport at a shared airbnb, so we caught the train to Movie World and managed to spend nearly the whole day there. We went on all the rides we could muster and even managed to see Batman, Superman, Scooby Doo and Shaggy.



The next day we headed back to the airport for our flight to Hamilton Island, and only an hour and a half on a dinky plane! It was amazing to fly over the outback of Australia and over the insanely blue waters of the Whitsundays. On the first day we just settled in, went for a walk and got fish and chips for dinner at the marina. Honestly, we were still pretty tired and jetlagged so it was an early night for us!

Our second day was filled with a bit more excitement as we visited the beach, walked around the island and went for a swim in some of the open pools. In the evening we decided to rent a buggy and go to one of the nicest outlook points on Hamilton Island.



I must admit, I was a little suspcious when Christian spent about an hour reflecting on the last 6 years of our relationship and how far we've come whilst we watched the sunset, so I wasn't too shook when he asked me to marry him, but still - eep! I can't really recount the moment and I wouldn't do it justice anyway but it was more lovely than I could have ever expected.


The following day was the cruise we took to Whitehaven Beach, which was beyond incredible. We stopped off at Butterfly Bay for an hour and a half for a super rewaring (and exhausting) session of snorkelling. Lucky us, we saw a huge sea turtle nearly straight away and swam alongside the big guy for about 20 minutes.


Then there was Whitehaven Beach itself which is beautiful. The sand holds a high percentage of silica which means that not only is it super white but also hardly gets hot - burned feet from hot sand is one of the main downfalls of summer for me so this was really rather pleasing.



We had about two hours on the beach, lazing around and walking along the water before we had to pack up and head back to Hamilton Island. Our last full day was spent lounging around the pool, reading books and going for dips, swimming in the sea (which I kid you not was warmer than the pools) and eating some delicious food down by the marina.


It's kind of hard to sum up a holiday like this in one sentence, but I think unforgettable is just about right!