Three New Winter Trends


Undeniably a statement colour, red has transcended from our summer wardrobes into our autumn/winter wardrobes quicker than you can complain about the awful English weather. Yes it's certainly chilly now, and we have very little time for that red Realisation Par wrap dress, but that doesn't mean red is dead. There are actually a few ways you can wear red, the easiest being to add a little statement to any of your normal outfits in the form of a red bag, red hat, scarf, earrings, but we're finding this season that red is appearing in more statement cases too.


Shoes are often the underdogs of an outfit, they're essential, they carry the team but they're not always appreciated fully. This winter is their moment to shine a lil'. Dress them up with bright red boots to create a more dynamic, fun and contrasting look. The red contrasts with the blue of denim really well but can also be paired with most neutral colours so have some fun and try mixing this statement in with your wardrobe classics.


Although a bit bolder than the boots due to the sheer volume of colour, red knitwear is a cosy, comfortable yet bold way to work this trend. You can find red jumpers all over the stores at the moment, H&M, Asos, Reiss, Whistles, The Row, Balmain, Versace, Alexander McQueen. From affordable to high end luxury, everyone is making and everyone is wearing this gorgeous trend.


Red trousers? Yes please! This one may be the hardest to pull off but it also might be the one I like the most! It's very statement and it's quite unique. You don't need to go overboard when putting together this outfit. Keep it simple with a white blouse or white printed t-shirt and the rest neutrals; tan, brown, black or a darker shade of red (like a burgandy) would all be suitable. Let the trousers speak for themselves. If you want to make a big statement with this outfit, go for something like a patent leather trouser but if you want to keep it more on the DL you could opt for some red denim or corduroy.



Another trend heavily inspired by our fav spice, VB, is the excessive oversized layering of jumpers and maxi skirts. Not only will this trend keep you covered from the elements but looks chic while doing so. Pair with some pumps or boots to match with some dark sunglasses and you're off. Warning, this outfit doesn't flatter the figure but rather harks back to the 1920s flapper girl straight form, so if you're obsessed with flaunting that snatched waist, add in a belt or opt for some flare trousers instead to tuck the jumper into, accentuating your figure and elongating those legs.



It's the grey, it's the check, it's the colourful, doesn't really matter what pattern tickles your fancy, but there's no doubt that the suit is 100% in for autumn winter. Wear as a combo or one piece at a time for a more casual look, regardless, you'll be acing that chic winter look. For a dressed up look wear the full combo with a plain white shirt and pumps, or a silky blouse, scarf and sock boots.


For more casual weekend attire go for the trousers with a white t-shirt and some white sneakers, or jeans, a printed tee and the blazer jacket. The beauty of this trend is the versatility of it all. You can create at least half a dozen outfits for a variety of occasions all from the same suit, whilst looking sleek to boot!