Product Review 1. Lancome Skincare

Since 2015 when I moved away from my beloved Simple Kind to Skin cleanser and moisturiser and gave Lancome skincare a whirl, my skin has become happier and healthier. Since I've been using these products for a couple of years now, I thought my favourite and most used products deserved a little shout out! I'll also go into some of their products I purchased but didn't think were worth it.


This product is an eye makeup remover. It definitely works and gets rid of hard makeup, but I wouldn't buy it again. I'm completely reliant on my oil infused micellar water and body shop chamomile sumptuous cleansing butter. If you're looking for something to really get rid of tough makeup, I would recommend those over this, however, this is really gentle and genuinely works, it just leaves a bit of an oily residue and is a bit pricier!


Galatéis Douceur

This is a milky cleanser in pump form that is used to melt away and break down makeup on the face. This product isn't ride or die for me but it does offer an extra cleanse before I go in with my Gel Eclat if I feel that I still need to get some residual dirt or makeup off my skin.


Gel Eclat

This is my favourite cleanser on the market at the moment. It's my go to, I never leave the city without it and if I did my face would be pretty sad. I used to use the Simple Kind to Skin cleanser but after using this, I would never go back, because compared, the Simple Kind to Skin cleanser didn't make my skin feel nearly as clean. I do know some people that find this too harsh, but for me and my combination skin it works really well.


Tonique Eclat

This is my favourite lancome product. It surpasses the cleanser for me because it completely saved the texture on my skin. I used to have heaps of texture on my nose and cheeks. My skin was really rough and I was told again and again that it was dry skin. I tried all kinds of oils and moisturisers and nothing helped but after talking to a skincare specialist, she advised some kind of toner to get rid of excess skin and texture on the surface. I tried a heap of different ones, including the raved about Pixi toner. This one, however, was the only one that fit the bill. This might not be for everyone because it does have alcohol in it, it is harsh and sometime it stings my skin - I haven't decided if this is okay or not, eeek. Regardless, my skin hasn't looked better.


Advance Genifique

This has been the only serum I've been using for the past six months, every night, and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. I was trialling a collection of Lancome serums that I got in a set and I wouldn't overly rate any of the others, but this one really stood out for me and made a substantial physical and visible difference to my skin. This serum is really hydrating and great for overnight recovery. My skin is combination, and I don't find it too hydrating but I wouldn't necessarily recommend this during the day, especially if you wear makeup, because as hydrating as it is, it doesn't help makeup stay on the face. Overall I highly recommend this product from the Lancome range, if you're looking for something to make you skin feel like a baby's bottom and help with any fine lines (I don't have many but I've noticed an improvement and no new fine lines!).


Overnight Hydrating Mask

Okay, so being honest, this is not a weekly staple for me, but it's a life saver when I use it. My main use of this mask is on flights. When I travel, there's about a 90% chance it will involve me spending at least 20 hours on a plane - not fun for me and not fun for my skin! The dry airplane air sends my skin into a spiraling cycle of despair and complete dehydration. However, the past few times I've flown, I've used this mask on top of my moisturiser before a sleep and by the time I wake up to land, my skin feels hydrated, smooth and plump. I've also noticed a significant difference in my skin post flight. Normally the week after flying a long flight I experience a few breakouts, but I haven't experienced this as much with the mask. Maybe it protects my skin and acts as a barrier? Or maybe when I don't use it, my skin tries to produce more oils to counter the dryness and ends up overproducing leading to breakouts. I'm not sure but either way, this product is a major underdog and definitely works for that extra care and pamper if you need it!


I think Lancome is a stella brand that have some incredible products, and although I'm sure Lancome's skincare ranges are designed to be used within each other, I find my skincare regime works best when I mix and match my favourite products across different ranges. Since introducing these products (specifically Gel Eclat, Tonique Eclat and Advance Genifique) my skin has improved more than I could have imagined, and I've felt so much happier and more confident since nailing down these products.

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