Baker Boy Hats

Was this an impulse buy?


Was it worth it?


Moral of the story: impulse buys are good?


I was meant to be buying a swimming costume and some winter gloves (I know, weird combo), and this just "slipped" into my asos basket. Before I knew it, it was at my front door (thanks premiere delivery!). This purchase was definitely a risky one (although not too risky because Asos has an A+ returns policy and it wasn't ridiculously expensive), my friend had just got an Asos Baker Boy hat and it was way too small for me, but lucky me, it fits like a dream.


Okay, so some good things about this tasty little hat. Firstly, practicalities: it keeps you SO warm. So much warmer than I ever imagined. I guess this is because it's wool based, so it doesn't fare too well in the rain, but my goodness is it good for those bitter winter mornings. Secondly, it's great for bad hair days. You know those days, when you check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and you think, "okay, I probably should wash my hair, but it's actually not that bad", and then you see your hair in a clothing store mirror two hours later and think "okay, no, wrong decision, definitely should have washed"? Three words for you: Baker Boy Hat! You can even twist all your hair up under the hat and look chic as heck! Finally, it's hella cute and goes with everything. It spans multiple styles of fashion, it's a pretty plain hat (if you opt for a neutral colour) and it's not too large or oversized and so doesn't take over any outfit.


Basically, I'm really happy with this purchase, and not sure if I'm on the end of this trend or not but I don't care because I'm enjoying it and will continue to do so until it gets too hot (haha)!