Uni Room Decor : First Glimpse

This years university room was a complete labour of love and took two months to complete but I am totally smitten and it suits my lifestyle completely! This post will give a little insight into half of my room and there will be a follow up post showing you the rest!


This rail was a necessity seeing as my room literally had a bed in it when I first arrived. Costing around £7 from IKEA I thought it was an absolute steal. You'll quickly figure out that nearly all the furniture in my room is white as I wanted to keep it clean and accessorize with colour in the form of pillows, throws, books, plants, sculptures, prints…etc. things that I can change up! The purpose of this rail is really to showcase my favourite bits of each season and the things I want to wear often, as I have a chest of draws and under-bed storage for off-season and folded clothes.



This shoe rack was also a necessity as one of my absolute pet-peeves is having shoes lying around, waiting to be tripped over. This shoe rack was also from IKEA and although a bit more expensive, totally worth it as it's solid and holds a good amount of shoes. When putting up the rail I ran the bottom bar through the shoe rack so both would sit flush against the wall and they look like a joint unit.



This is one of the two hacks that I worked on for this room. I had these two plain white bedside tables from my bedroom back in New Zealand and to spruce them up a little and to add a bit of texture to my room (it needed it after all the white), I marbled the tops.


To do this, I ordered some marble vinyl from amazon, used a metal ruler, a credit card and a small craft knife. If you want to replicate this, here's a little step-by-step:

  1. Prepare your vinyl by stretching it out on hard surface like a table or a floor (put some cardboard between the surface and vinyl to protect it, marbled surface facing down
  2. Clean the surface of your bedside table you're adhering the vinyl to and once dry, place upside down on top of the vinyl (so that the top of the table you want "marbled" is touching the back of the vinyl)
  3. Use a knife and a ruler to cut around the vinyl, make sure you leave space to overlap and more is better than less because we can cut off excess later
  4. Flip the bedside table right way up with the vinyl on top (an extra pair of hands will be useful for this) and peel off one end of the backing of the vinyl (about 10 cm), sticking it in place on the front of the bedside table while someone holds up the back
  5. Use your credit card to rub out any bubbles and once this area is smoothed out, work your way to the back of the table, pulling the backing of the vinyl out as you go and rubbing the bubbles out.
  6. Once the surface is adhered nicely, flip the bedside table upside down again and work on tidying up the edges, folding them over and rubbing them down, cutting off any excess you need to with your small knife.
  7. Turn your table back right way and voila!



For this, I really was looking for something quite large to hang in the entrance way of my room, filling that empty space whilst not being bulky. I intended to hang this pin board but disclaimer, something like this is too heavy to hang if you're not allowed to put screws or nails in your wall like us! However, I found that because I ordered one so big (off amazon), it looks quite nice sat on the floor against the wall. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, I just began covering the pin board with photos, cards, tickets…etc.. and actually I'm quite happy with it being a little empty and filling up over the year.


This my parents brought with them from home when they came to visit me in London. It's a lovely, sturdy, white chest of drawers from IKEA and fit the space I had perfectly. If you want to spruce up any pieces of IKEA furniture like this, that have door knobs on them, you can replace the little black plastic ones with much prettier ones, making your chest of drawers appear much classier than they are in reality. In my opinion the best place to grab these from is Anthropologie. They have a beautiful selection of eclectic doorknobs perfect for this use.




Right, so this is the last piece of my room that I'll talk about . On top of my chest of drawers I keep all the stuff I need to get ready in the morning; perfume, jewellery and of course, skin care. I wanted an easy way to access all my skin care (because I have a lot) and our bathroom has no storage. So other than my shower gel and shampoos…etc. I keep everything else here. This includes body moisturisers, face masks, serums, toners, bath bombs and so on. I keep them all in this rose gold fruit bowl I found on amazon. I would recommend if you were to do this, find some material to place in the bottom or in the whole bowl if you like, as the holes in the bowl are quite large and things can quite easily slip out - I just try not to move it too much!


So that's the first sneak peak of my university bedroom. It's a huge upgrade from my tiny shoebox room last year that I desperately tried to make livable with copious amounts of fairy lights and photos stuck to the wall and ceiling. Let's just say this is a little more refined ;)