The German Gymnasium

If you're ever around the Kings Cross area, this is a restaurant I would highly recommened. We went there at the beginning of this month for a well deserved treat after a long gym session and it was well worth all the hard work.


Although quite pricey, as you may expect for this area, the food is good quality, delicious and very filling. However, the portions and plate sizes can be quite small. I ordered the Caeser Salad and it was delicious but also really quite a large portion, I couldn't finish it all, but the plate that my friend ordered was a lot smaller, particularly considering the price. We both left feeling very full though.


Another major advantage of this restaurant and bar are the drinks, specifically the fairy-tale themed cocktails. We ordered a Hanzel and Gretal, Sleeping Beauty and a Golden Goose. All tasted beautiful and decorated with detail.


The service was what really made the price worth it in our opinion. The waiters were attentive, poliet and on to it. The presence of a cloak room where you could store your bags and coats was really appreciated, especially as we came from the gym and had our gym bags with us. The staff were also really friendly and happy to give advice and help.


From the outside you probably wouldn't imagine the restaurant to be much, we certainly didn't, but walking in, it's quite grand with a beautiful upstairs downstairs seating arrangement and a bar at the back of the restaurant. The aesthetic of the building, both exterior and interior is refined and beautiful. This restaurant is just generally really lovely and very recommened for a quick snack, a meal or a couple of cocktails if you're in the area.