Peony & Blush Suede - My New Scent

When I was flying back from Auckland to London, we had a long delay in Dubai and I couldn't help but have a little look in the duty free. Of course this meant that inevitably I would purchase something. That something happened to be this beautiful perfume!


I was teetering between Peony & Blush Suede and Tuberose Angelica (two very different scents), but I settled as this for my first Jo Malone. It's a classic and highly popular scent for a reason and is a signature for Jo Malone. One of the best things about Jo Malone perfumes is that their smell lasts on your skin, so I feel like this is going to last me a good while.



Currently this is my day to day scent; it's refreshing, makes you feel put together and rather luxurious. I do have my eyes on my next Jo Malone perfume already so I'm sure there will be more additions to my perfume collection very shortly.