The Ultimate Pamper Guide (on a budget)

Every now and then, at the end of a long week, one is in dire need of a little pampering and the bank doesn't always appreciate those spa sessions or an indulgence into the La Mer moisturising soft creme. So here's a little compilation of some current (bit more affordable) favourite products that will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.


First and foremost, one needs a bath, to soak away the sorrows and stresses from the week and our one stop shop for this is Lush. Now in no way can we attest to having tested and trialed every bath bomb but there are two in particular that we rate very highly and would suggest. For something very gentle and calming pick up Butterbear, a little white polar bear that fizzes away as you relax and gives you milky-silky bath water that rejuvenates your skin. Lush claims that this bath bomb is softening and condition as well as being uplifting and providing antioxidents to your skin.

For something a little more exciting we recommend The Never Mind Ballistics Bath Bomb. It's quite different and releases not only an explosion of various colours in your bathwater but also will fill your bathroom with the most lovely, intense and refreshing scents. Lush claim that this bath bomb is refreshing, toning, nourishing, moisturising, protecting and uplifting. They're a lot of promises but we can certainly attest to them. After your bath your skin will feel smooth, toned and moisturised and you will feel incredible too!

For that post-bath moisturising we recommend The Body Shop's Almond Milk & Honey Hydrating Lotion. No, it's not one of their classic body butters but in a lot of ways we prefer it. It comes in a tube which is a plus as it means all the fresh ingredients that give beauty products their expiry dates, will last a lot longer, as well as it generally being a lot more hygienic. Ignoring the packaging, this moisturiser is incredibly hydrating, very gentle so great for those of us with sensitive skin, while also smelling incredible and lasting for quite a while!

Something a bit random that I would recommend if you're having a pamper session is a collection of essential oils. Use this on your pillows while you lie and read, drop a bit in your bath for a simple but relaxing soak, put some in the palm of your hand and use them to massage your body and get the circulation going. You can also use essential oils to calm yourself whilst doing yoga or meditating.

And finally, what's a pamper session without a face mask? We have three to recommend, all from different brands for different purposes…

If you feel like the past week has been a bit harsh on you and you've got some break outs on your skin or just want to give it a really good clearing, we recommend the Origins Charcoal Face Mask. Charcoal has been proven to draw toxins, bacteria and dirt out of your pores, helping fight acne, so it makes sense that this mask helps your skin feel purified, toned and
completely clean! We definitely recommend a thick moisturiser following this mask, especially those with dry skin as this mask can make your face feel a little dry after. however, we still highly recommend it for those with any skin types.

This second mask is perfect if you need a little gentle replenishment. The Body Shop's English Rose face mask is said to plump and replenish the skin and we definitely agree. This face mask leaves your skin feeling toned and moisturised, leaving you with a youthful and dewy looking face all day, that appears visibly smoother.

The last mask we would recommend is the GlamGlow Gravitymud Mask, for those who want firm and lifted skin and who want to have fun doing it! This face mask is metallic silver and it peels off in one go. It comes with a brush applicator, which helps spread a thin layer of the gooey mask over your face, and after 15 minutes (longer if you applied a thicker layer) you can peel off the mask - this is incredibly satisfying and incredibly fun! After this mask, your skin will feel plumped and firm, essentially delivering a "visible face lift" as GlawGlow put it. This one comes with high recommendations also!

So there you go, the low-down on our favourite pamper products at the moment. We hope you feel noticeably pampered after using some of these - please let us know if any favourites you have! We're always looking to try new products x