Here We Go Again


So it seems that my habit with this blog is to get it up and going, run it for three months and then let life get its tight grips on me and drag me away as I get buried under other responsibilities and a long and heavy list of things to do. I quickly learnt that running a blog alongside university and part time work is a huge task, but I never really learnt how to make it work. So here we go again, I'm not giving up, persistence is key and I feel particularly good about it this time.


There is a difference this time round, I have help and I have a plan. My help consists of my wonderfully dedicated fiancé who has promised to dutifully be my cameraman if and when needed. My plan... well if I told you that it would ruin all the fun! But just know that I have one, it's in motion and I'm ahead of myself this time - no falling behind!


I'll be around hopefully once or twice a week so hopefully catch you soon xx